For a tyre dealer and car workshop that provides only the best for your vehicle, speak with Paul and the team at Manjimup Tyre Mart & Auto Electrical Service. You'll be amazed at the difference fitting the right tyres can make to your vehicle, just speak with our team and we'll find the perfect tyres for you. 


To give you a heads up, we can recommend 3 tyres for: Steer, Drive & All Position / Trailer


Michelin XMulti Z
Hankook AH31
Longmarch LM 216

Excellent mileage in rapid wear usage. Good resistance to aggression on local and secondary roads. Great usage versatility for any kind of conditions.

Newly adopted technology and design provides even wear and higher mileage performance with very low rolling resistance.




Michelin XMulti D

Exceptional fuel-efficiency and tread/casing life due to the Dual Energy Compound Tread, which provides low rolling resistance, anti-scrub properties, and minimizes internal casing temperatures.

hankook-tires-dh37-left-01 (1).png
Hankook DH37

Structurally designed for longer tread life, fuel efficiency and durability.

BFGoodrich Cross Control D

This drive position tipper tyre's appetite for moving is so voracious that it will take you from rocks to mud to asphalt and back again. 

Wide-base single tyre with extra long mileage for regional trailer.

Hankook TH22

The directional pattern is adopted for excellent handling as well as outstanding traction even on wet and muddy roads. 

Hankook AM09
Triangle TR 668




Suitable for all wheels in busses and trucks on urban and inter urban highways.